Bengal in Leaphunters Cattery eat Royal Canin Bengal kibbles to ensure they are well feed with proper nutrients. We cook chicken for them and feed them on daily basis. They will be fed twice a day (morning and evening) to predict their "poo and pee" time. This is to ensure their litter box will stay clean.

 cats' playground

We are going to spend at least 1 hour a day to play with our furkids. This is to ensure they have full attention, love and care from us.

Since we are focusing more on quality rather than quantity, we manage to ensure all cats are being treated equally for their healthcare. They receive vaccination, deworming according to the date stated by the vet. Flea and tick will be treated on monthly basis. All new cats who enter Leaphunters Cattery will be tested with FIP, FPV and FeLV. Rabbies is a must if the cat is to be rehomed outside Malaysia. All cats will be showered once a week to ensure they are clean.

Our house is their playground. All bengals in Leaphunters are indoor cats.They never have their paws touching the soil ground. Because they are staying with us as a family, climb up and sleep on our bed, such outdoor activities are not allowed however they are free to climb cat tree, rack and partition in our house. Since all cats are so attached to human being, people are able to carry them without worrying to be scratched by them. They are 100% social creature in the house. They are our kids. Certainly will not going to bite you.


Okoplus is used in their litterbox. This is to ensure all bengals in Leaphunters Cattery are in optimum health condition as it is organic and biodegradable. The litter boxes will be cleaned twice a day as we monitor their eating pattern.